Broadlands saw a 70% increase in new inbound leads

Broadlands is a lead estate agent that sells high-end property to a the higher end of the market in Jersey. Founded in 1972, they have a proven track record of exceptional customer service and unparalleled knowledge of the Jersey property market.

As Broadlands continues to grow, they want to generate more quality leads from potential clients. Therefore, they knew they needed an advanced strategy to achieve the results they were looking for.

To help them achieve their goal, HelloClicks created a series of high-performance campaigns for Broadlands to increase the volume of leads coming into their sales team and help them connect with motivated leads. In addition to paid search, they also run paid social ads on Facebook and Instagram with an SEO campaign running alongside to build on their momentum.

As a result, HelloClicks helped Broadlands profitably increase their lead volume by 70% in just 6 months and they are now ranking organically in the top positions for the primary keywords.

“We have been very happy with the service and results that HelloClicks have provided for us. We would have no issue with recommending them to any new potential clients.

They are prompt, efficient and always willing to answer any questions we have.”

Harry Trower
Managing Director @ Broadlands Jersey

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