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Swim Now gained a massive 95% increase in lead volume at a 65% lower cost per lead, going from 3 locations to 28

Swim Now is a private swimming lesson provider in the UK, offering swimming lessons for individuals at all levels with professional swim coaches. They offer lessons at nearly 30 locations across the country.

Swim Now is growing rapidly, and they are eager to ride the momentum and drive leads for their private swimming lessons. To do so, they needed robust paid search and paid social campaigns, content generation, email marketing and SEO.

HelloClicks was there to help from day one, creating effective bespoke campaigns that helped them to acquire highly motivated leads. In addition to paid search results and paid social ads, HelloClicks has created an email marketing campaign targeting their growing database of contacts. Today, Swim Now utilises HelloClicks’ in-house technology, including marketing automation and omnichannel messaging to drive even more sales.

As a result, HelloClicks helped Swim Now improve lead generation by a whopping 95% at a 65% lower cost per lead year on year. In addition, they’ve gone from 3 locations to 28, and they are ranking in the top 3 positions organically across they biggest revenue generating search terms.

“HelloClicks have helped us with everything from landing pages to SEO. They are pioneers in their industry, developing new technology to help their clients get the advantage over their competitors.

I can’t thank HelloClicks enough for enabling our company to open 25 new locations over a 5-year period. I highly recommend his first-class service to anyone looking to expand their business.”

Alistair Mills
Managing Director @ Swim Now UK

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