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Facebook Ad Examples : 30 Ads To Keep You Ahead Of The Game

We thought it might be a good idea to help readers get their creative juices flowing, by putting together 30 Facebook ad examples that we think are doing a great job.

We can reach almost 80% of the internet by using the platform for advertising.

However, knowing where to start with creating ads can sometimes be a struggle if you are feeling uninspired.

It happens. It’s part of a marketers life. It probably even happened to Don Draper now and then.

When it happens, sometimes it can help to have a peek at what other companies are doing to give you some inspiration.

We’ve put this post together with 30 Facebook ad examples from advertisers in all kinds of different verticals for you to use and hopefully draw some creativity from. We offer Facebook Ads Management as service, so please feel free to reach out to us if you need help with your campaigns.

1.) Hubspot

Key Message : 100% Free Forever

hubspot facebook ad example image

What do we like about this ad?

  • The simplicity. The offer is the products main selling point and that’s exactly what our attention is drawn to.
  • Hey, with a strapline like that, it’s hard to not get people’s attention.
  • The use of the laptop in the graphic also relates nicely to the fact that it’s a SAAS product.

2.) AppSumo

Key Message : Software Deals For Entrepreneurs.

appsumo facebook ad example image

Why this ticks our boxes :

  • Excellent use of social proof to tell the user hundreds of thousands of other entrepreneurs on receiving these deals.
  • A nice use of emojis for the continuation of the different steps -1,2,3.

3.) Pipedrive

Key Message : The CRM that matches your ambitions and will boost your sales.

pipedrive facebook ad example image

What this ad does for us :

  • Excellent custom graphic to capture users attention
  • Great tagline “Sales boosting CRM”
  • The use of instant gratification is well done “Start today. Try it free”.

4.) Salesforce

Key Message :  #1 Channel For Marketing ROI.

salesforce facebook ad example image

What we like about this ad :

  • Want to stand out from the crowd? Make custom graphics!
  • Straight to the point with no distractions, the ad has one goal.
  • The use of the call to action on the graphic.

5.) Asos

Key Message : Fresh ski + snowboard gear.

asos facebook ad example image

What Asos has done well :

  • The use of a highly relevant, non-stock image to capture attention.
  • Nice use of the word “Fresh” in the copy as a link to the new products.

6.) Surfdome

Key message : From the slopes to the surf we’ve got you covered.

surfdome facebook ad example image

What we like about this ad :

  • Touching on two huge selling points for ecommerce – Free Delivery and Free Returns.
  • Use of the carousel ad to show off a selection of their products, which ties in well with the copy.

7.) John Lewis

Key Message : Organising Your Finances

john lewis facebook ad example image

Yay or nay?

  • We love the use of custom graphics. It really gets your attention.
  • Using the carousel ad to reinforce the multiple selling points

8.) Unbounce

Key Message : How leading brands succeed with Unbounce.

unbounce facebook ad example image

Do we rate this?

  • A nice custom graphic that talks to the customer they are trying to reach.
  • Use of [Case Study] in the copy. If you are in the market, a case study will be very appealing.

9.) Instapage

Key Message : 1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization


What this ad does well :

  • The graphic is excellent, it really illustrates what the feature does.
  • The use of the CTA on the graphic.
  • The copy is motivating – “Tap into marketing’s biggest conversion opportunity”.
  • If you showed this ad to 100 people, it’s highly likely that the majority of these people will be able to understand what is on offer here. Even if they aren’t digital marketers.

10.) Hotjar

Key message : The complete guide.

hotjar facebook ad example image

What Hotjar does well :

  • The copy really talks to who they are targeting in a educational way.

11.) Deliveroo

Key message : A good ol’ cheeseburger!

deliveroo facebook ad example image

What we like about this ad :

  • The cheeseburger (obvs)
  • Seriously, this photo is definitely a scroll-stopper.
  • The copy really enforces the simplicity of their service.

12.) Mailchimp

Key message : Let’s grow your audience

mailchimp facebook ad example image

Do we like?

  • We really like. This custom graphic is brilliant and ties in well with their message.
  • Use of “Got 10 Minutes?” in the copy. Hey, to grow my audience I definitely have 10 minutes and if that’s all it takes to do it, then i’m in!
  • This is our favourite of all of our examples.

13.) Asana

Key Message : The easiest way for teams to manage projects and tasks.

asana facebook ad example image

What we like :

  • The use of custom illustrations (are you sensing a pattern here?)
  • Really talks about the benefits of their software “the easiest”.
  • The use of the carousel ad to discuss the different features of their product.

14.) Shopify

Key Message : Bring your ideas to life.

shopify facebook ad example image

What’s good about this ad :

  • Very engaging graphic
  • Talking directly to their ideal customer, designers who want to make money!
  • The headline “Create, Design, Sell – No Inventory Needed” is really well written to enforce the simplicity of how designers can benefit from using their product.

15.) BigCommerce

Key Message : Everything you need to grow your business.

bigcommerce facebook ad example image

What BigCommerce does well :

  • Use of the carousel ad to tell users about the features of their service.
  • Mentioning the “Free Trial” to encourage users to take their first step.

Half way through now, we hope you are finding this Facebook ad examples useful!

16.) Zendesk

Key Message : Better relationships.

zendesk facebook ad example image

What we like about this ad :

  • It’s a really powerful image once you understand what the message of the ad is.
  • Rather than using the term “customer service”, they refer to it as “custom relationships” which is almost aspirational for people that deal with customers.

17.) Intuit

Key message : Make a Giant Impact


What we like :

  • We love a quote here at HelloClicks in our Facebook Ads.
  • The quote is also inspirational, which is highly motivating…. If you’re a data scientist!
  • We also really like that Intuit are using the platform to assist recruitment.

18.) Survey Monkey

Key Message : Market research results in minutes


What SurveyMonkey does well with their ad :

  • It tells the users exactly what the service does in a simple way.
  • The use of time related aspects really enforces the efficiency of the results – “Get feedback in minutes”

19.) Buffer

Key Message : How to gain a massive following on instagram


What we like about this ad :

  • The image cleverly relates to the person that they are trying to talk to. Photo-loving instagram users ofcourse!

20.) Hootsuite

Key Message : Achieve your 2019 social resolutions


What we like :

  • We like the use of targeting the customers pain point in the copy. Those users that want or have tried to make a social calendar previously, but have never completed one.

21.)  Airbnb

Key message : Share a home, room, or extra space.

Screenshot 2019 02 05 at 20.06.49

What Airbnb does well :

  • The use of the testimonial on the photo.
  • The use of an actual customer on the photo.
  • The social proof in the copy “3 million people who earn money”.


22.) Zoom

Key Message : Present Wherever You Are


What we like :

  • The image and copy both tie-in with the flexibility of the product.
  • The copy also talks to pain points for users which may have experienced non-flawless online meetings in the past.

23.) Zoopla

Key Message : 1 & 2 bedroom apartments available


What we like here :

  • Really engaging images
  • The use of the carousel ad to show the different apartments features.

24.) Invision

Key Message : Design is 4x more likely to impact revenue.

invision facebook ad example image

What InVision does well :

  • Powerful custom graphic to show which relates to the powerful statistic.
  • The use of the call to action on the graphic.

25.) Wistia

Key Message : How to Edit Video for Social Media.


What we like :

  • The image talks to the person they are trying to reach with the copy reinforcing what’s on offer.

26.) GoPro

Key Message : Send it. Live.

Go pro facebook ad example image

What GoPro does well :

  • This is our favourite graphic. The emojis in the background paired with an awesome product show, did you expect anything else from GoPro?
  • The headline on the graphic “Send it. Live.” really explains the biggest feature. In just 3 words!

27.) Nike

Key message : The faster you run, the more you fly.

nike facebook ad example image

What we like about this ad :

  • Very powerful imagery.

28.) Adidas

Key Message : Explore and shop adidas to upgrade your footwear.

adidas facebook ad example image

What we like :

  • The use of a carousel ad to show the different products that are available.

29.) Mr Porter

Key Message : Find last-minute gifts at MR PORTER.

mr porter facebook ad example image

What we like :

  • Really engaging image that shows off the main feature of the product in its entirety.

30.) Selfridges

Key message : We’ve got a particularly brilliant selection of Valentine’s Day gifts.

selfridges facebook ad example image

What Selfridges does well :

  • The use of the red theme in the photos to relate to the focus of the ad (Valentine’s day).

We really hope that you have managed to find some inspiration from these examples. I think from what we can see there’s a common theme to well executed ads :

  • Custom graphics related to the messaging
  • Call to action on the graphic
  • Using carousel ads to explain the features or show various options.

Thanks for taking the time to read of our Facebook ad examples and we hope that you’ve found it inspiring!

What’s some ads that you’ve seen recently that you like?

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