Why Does Landing Page Relevancy Result In High PPC Conversion Rates?

Last Updated: January 13, 2020

Keep your landing pages relevant and see your PPC marketing conversion rates skyrocket…

Want to find out how? Read on…

OK, imagine you’re after some brand new running shoes.

You’re not quite sure what features or brand you’re looking for just yet, but you know that you would like them to be blue (your fav colour obvs).

You also want them quick as your current pair are on their last legs and you have a 5km race next weekend.

So you goto Google and search for “blue running shoes”.

You open a few websites in different tabs and start taking a look.

The first tab you open is a website with a big ol’ long list of all of the shoes they sell.

Not even just running shoes. Shoes as in, boat shoes, sneakers, flip flops, slippers, brogues… No options to select running shoes specifically, nothing about colours or sizes. Basically, if you want to fine them then you’ll have to do the work.

Now you open the next tab!!

This time the site you are on is a landing page which is entirely about blue running shoes.

All the content one the page is about one thing. Blue running shoes. 

It tells you about  what you should be looking for in a running shoe, the different features of each shoe, information about the brand, delivery times, delivery charges, customer reviews, information about seller and the list goes on….

The landing page gives you everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision when buying a pair of running shoes.

The Choice

Which of the two websites are you more likely to hang around on?

Option 1: The one which you have to scroll through pages and pages of products to find what you’re looking for.


Option 2 :  The one which gives you the EXACT information you need as a customer when making a purchase.

Obviously, it’s more than likely to be the second one.

Why does it matter?

Users want to use as little cognitive load as possible. We’re all just plain lazy.

This is why Relevancy plays such an important role when it comes to PPC marketingThe more relevant you keep your landing page to your ads copy / messaging, the more users will commit their time and effort and spend time on our websites. The more time and energy they spend on our sites, the greater chance of the user converting.

“Be Personal, Be Relevant, Be Specific” – Seth Godin

Prove It.

We recently ran a test where went sent 50% of traffic to a generic category page with a list of products. The other 50% was sent to a specific Landing Page which mirrored the root of the search term the user was searching for.

The results

Control (Original Category Page) 6.48% Conversion Rate
Variation A (New Dedicated Landing Page) 11.66% Conversion Rate
Result 57.11% Increase in Conversions

The landing page was a statistically significant winner, with almost a 60% increase in conversions. Yes, it did require a small amount of thought and effort to implement it. But the results are going to complete change this clients business going forwards.

How do you make your landing pages relevant?

The best place to start is by taking your top 5, most clicked, non-brand search queries from your search query report.

Now if you typed in these search terms into Google and arrived on the landing page you are sending them to, would you think you are in the right place?

Would there be absolutely no doubt in your mind that you have come to the right place and there’s no point looking anywhere else?

If that’s a yes, Excellent! Check the rest of your queries and if you’re all set, go do your thing with improving the conversion rate of your landing pages using CRO.

If the answer is no, then you’ve got some work to do. You will either need to try and find a more relevant landing page on your website. If there isn’t one, you will need to create landing pages more relevant to your search queries.

This will put you in a much stronger position as a PPC Marketer.

To Summarise

  • Make your landing page as relevant as possible to the users search query
  • Don’t make the user do the work.
  • Do the work for them so they don’t have to.
  • And in return. Will result in higher engagement, less abandoners and more sales.

Relevancy is a sure fire way to improve the conversion rates of your PPC campaigns.

It may not be something you can do in a day and will require some planning, but the ROI that you should see by doing this, will far outweigh the work it takes set them up.

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