Conversion Rate Optimization

About Us Page Optimization

The about us page is a great way to win or lose new business.

It’s a page customers visit to see who you actually are, what you do and most importantly why they should choose to spend their hard earned cash with you.

This is also (probably) the page that is the most overlooked on your website.

It’s seen as filler. Something that just “needs to be there”.

It’s usually the last port of call before the user starts the conversion process.

And you can bet your money that it can make or break a sale (you’ll be able to see just how frequently from your analytics package this page is viewed).

That’s why it should be given the care and attention that you give other key pages on your website.

If your current about us page sucks and your haven’t done any about us page optimization, making a few small improvements could see a rise in your conversion rates.

What Makes A Great About Us Page?

A great about us page, ooooozes who you are as a business.

This is your place to tell the customers what makes you so passionate about what you do….

Things like :

“Founded in the heart of New York in the 1950’s, selling ice cream to local kids playing baseball in the street”


“A two hundred year old family company that uses the same building methods now, as they did when it was founded”.

Customers like to buy with their emotions, you can use the about us page as a trigger for that.

Your description should set you apart from the rest, giving the user a warm feeling inside knowing that they’re giving their money to a company that is built of substance.

The about us page should almost act as an overspill from product descriptions or information pages.

Content about your business that wouldn’t fit in too well in other parts of the site, but will suit nicely when the user is finding out a bit more information about the company.

5 Ways To Improve Your About Us Page

Here are our Top 5 tips for improving your about us page today :

1.) Does it really depict who you are as a business and your company morals?

If not, fix it. Be honest with your customers. Let them know who you are and why you do what you do.

2.) Share some photos

A picture speaks a thousand words. Let the customers see your team, where you work and anything that could add value to what you’re trying to sell.

3.) Where you’re based and why you’re there

Customers may wonder why you’re based in the back of beyond. But if that reasons because your company wants to be next to the local farmers that grow your products, then you should tell your customers.

4.) Don’t waffle

There’s nothing worse than people waffling on and on that are just trying to fill space on the page. Be clear, concise and straight to the point.

The text should be readable, well spaced, and take no longer than a minute or so to read.

5.) No corporate jargon

Don’t scare your customers off.

Don’t fill it with industry specific terms that you’ll only understand if you’re in the business. Appeal to as many audiences as possible.

Your about us page should appeal to your readers human nature by keeping the tone of the text relaxed.

So there you have it, these are our top tips for improving your about us page. Hopefully by making these changes, you’ll be able to let the customer put more trust in your business and optimize your conversion rate!

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