Call Tracking : Your PPC Campaigns Are Depending On It

Understanding how much ROI that you are achieving with your PPC campaigns is vital when you’re trying to push them to reach their true potential.

This isn’t just from the perspective of preventing overspending in areas which aren’t providing a return, but also knowing what is actually make you money. So you can allocate more money towards it.

Call tracking really helps with this.

Call tracking is a service that allows you to monitor and analyse the impact of calls to your business from your marketing campaigns.

It helps businesses find out which campaigns, keywords, ad copy and devices are increasing the revenue of the business. As well as those which aren’t.

Call tracking can also help to uncover issues that may be affecting the user experience of the website and potentially causing the business to lose sales as a result.

As a PPC management agency, we usually don’t work with a client unless we can set this up on the accounts we’re working on.

That’s how important it is to us!

Telephone calls are known to generate much higher closing percentage than website leads or sales, so knowing how they impact your business can really make things interesting.

But also knowing what’s performing well so that you can try to maximise its potential.

For this guide to call tracking, we’ve partnered up with Infinity, who are one of the leading providers of Call Tracking software.

We’re going to walk you through some of the most important reasons to start using call tracking for your PPC Campaigns.

call tracking infographic

Here’s a rundown of our top reasons to setup call tracking for your PPC campaigns:

  1. Ads Creating Calls

By recognising which ads are causing users to pick up the phone and call your business, is helping you one step further in understanding what messaging resonates with them the most.

Not only can we see the calls. But we also have the ability to see the sales and most importantly revenue that these calls have generated.


Is it ROI you’re looking for? – Source

Landing Page Calls

By knowing which of your landing pages is creating calls for your business, you can begin to further understand the user journey.

We can start to see which landing pages are driving which types of calls.

For instance your business may be receiving lots of calls about a small number of particular questions that aren’t covered on your landing pages.

By listening to the recordings of the calls, you can look for any patterns in the questions and use this information to optimize the landing page and hopefully turn more users into customers.

“The next step in call tracking technology is analysing what’s actually happening on the conversations that are taking place, and doing it at scale.

Did a sale or booking happen? What was the tone? Were details about a competitor mentioned?” – Chris Sedlmayr, Product Director of Infinity .

Appear Local

Call tracking gives you the ability to show a local area code to your user.

What difference does this make?

Being perceived as more local than your competitors has a huge advantage in terms of the increase in sales that it brings.

We’re not exactly sure why people convert better with a local telephone number. Our conversion optimizers believe that people increase their level of trust when they can relate to a local telephone number, as opposed to dealing with a company with a generic freephone number or an area code you don’t recognise.

Close More Leads

As I mentioned earlier, call tracking gives you access to recordings of calls made to your business.

You can begin to see what questions people generally ask before making a purchase and which responses from your company encourage these callers to become customers.

You can then take that information and use that as part of a conversion rate optimization program to address these points on your website.

closing leads


We can also start to analyse the standard of the sales team and if they are missing any opportunities or where there is room for improvement.


Sales Vs. Marketing – the age old battle.

Sales teams are complaining because of the quality of the leads they are receiving. Marketing teams are complaining because sales aren’t closing enough of them.

What call tracking allows you to do is bridge that gap between sales and marketing.

By having access to the recordings of the calls, we can start to see the quality of the calls your PPC campaigns are generating.

This can be traced back to the search queries users have searched for before placing a call.

If we find that specific keywords are generating poor quality leads, then we can do something about it. Rather than treating all leads the same.

Channel Performance

“Knowing the channels and activities which lead to calls means you can be far smarter about how you spend your marketing budgets.

Invest in what’s making financial sense and reconsider things that don’t produce optimal results.” – Chris Sedlmayr, Product Director of Infinity.

And Chris is completely right here.

If we can begin to understand the channels that are having the biggest impact on your businesses bottom line, it can realign our attention if it is currently focused elsewhere.

Source of the Sale

Attribution is something which PPC campaigns are always having to work with.

Figuring out where the sales for a business have originally come from, can really cause you to focus on what’s working for you.

Call tracking gives you the complete ability to see the various touch points a user has with your company and how their search queries differed between each visit.

Often we can find that keywords which aren’t showing any hard sales, once call tracking is setup can actually be the source of alot of revenue for the company.

CRM Integration

Closing more sales is usually what matters the most for companies.

Therefore giving your team the insights to help with the is so valuable.

With CRM integration, the sales team can quickly start to understand what matters most to the callers based on their journey so far.

What are you waiting for?

I really hope you’ve started to understand how important call tracking is and the potential impact that it can have on your PPC campaign optimization!

Please feel to reach out in the comments section if you have any comments or questions.

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3 years ago

Great post Dale,
HelloClicks (Dale) has set up call tracking for us, using local numbers across our 15 locations. The game changer – measuring the £££’s that each call brings, tracking the lead to its original source and integrating this with our CRM.

We’re working on a Landing Page optimisation project, by monitoring calls and using the data to improve our conversion rates.

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