How Automatically Pause Adwords Campaigns

For some companies, advertising over the Christmas and New Year holidays aren’t going to result in any new business.

There may be traffic (budget spend) but there will be a lot more “window shoppers” around. People are usually off work and have more time on their hands to surf the internet.

Each business is different and having previous sales data can help you know whether or not it’s worth running your Adwords campaigns or not.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to automate this on Adwords without having to go in and change everything manually. So you don’t have to worry about remembering to restart your campaigns when you wake up the day after Boxing day hungover 🙂

How to Automate Pausing / Enabling Adwords Campaigns :

1.) Browse your list of campaigns on your Adwords dashboard and select which ones that you would like to pause during the holidays. Then click on the Automate dropdown and select “Pause Campaigns When…”

2.) Under Frequency, select “One Time” from the dropdown, the date you want to begin (I’ve used 25th December) pausing the hour as “00”. The “using data from” drop down can stay as “Same day”.
By selecting this, the campaigns will stay paused until they are re-enabled (we’ll set this up shortly).

3.) Next you can name your campaign and then choose if you would like to be notified by email if there are errors or if you would like an email just to let you know it’s been run. There are a few different options there.

4.) So once the holidays are over, you want your campaigns to go back online. Now we create another automate rule to re-activate them. Except this time, we’re going to Select our Campaigns -> Automate and then choose “Enable Campaigns When…”.

5.) We’ll then choose the date and the time that we want the campaigns to restart.

That was simple enough wasn’t it?

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