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How To Write a Value Proposition

If you’ve been wondering how to write a value proposition that motivates its readers, this post is for you.

Time to get started.

Landing pages are a truly amazing marketing tool.

When done right, they can increase your conversions faster than you can hire more sales staff.

But when done wrong, your PPC campaign performance can go wayward quickly.

The goal of any landing page is to get the reader to take action. Whether that’s to request a quote, download an ebook or register for a webinar etc.

In order to increase the likelihood of that reader taking action, they first need to understand exactly how they’ll benefit from buying from your business.

Enter your Value Proposition.

Your value proposition is the promise of value that will be delivered to your customers.

It’s the primary reason users should choose to buy from you.

Here at HelloClicks, we make sure all users can understand this within 5 seconds of arriving on one of our landing pages.

We live by this rule.

If you were to ask 100 people to look at your landing page and ask them what you do, 99 of them would all have the same answer.

If you can get this right, then half of your job is done already.

We’ve seen thousands of landing pages and you’d be surprised how many of them fail to do this.

In this blog post i’m going to walk you through how to write a value proposition for your landing page as well as show you 5 real life examples.

How Much Difference Does It Make?


As a conversion rate optimisation company , we really see the impact it can have on the results for a website.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Case Study : Help desk software Groove know very well how important a value proposition is. By adjusting their landing page to a copy-first approach, they were able to increase their conversion rates by over 100%!

What Makes A Great Value Proposition?

There’s two words that really describe what makes a great value proposition. Certainty and Simplicity.

Certainty that a customer who reads your value proposition will fully understand :

  1. The benefits of buying from you

  2. How your business solves their pain points

  3. What makes your business great

Simplicity is the art of making your value proposition easy to understand.

We know that we should always be writing copy that can be easily understood by people of all ages. And this definitely applies to your value proposition too!

Let’s look at a few real-life examples to try and understand them more :

  1. Dropbox

Is there any question of a doubt what’s on offer here and why you should use it?

It’s simple, yet so effective.

drop box value proposition example image

The value proposition clearly states that their product is secure and what you can do with it.

But there aren’t just big blocks of texts explaining every last detail. It’s done in just a few sentences.

The contrasting call to action button also really pops out and uses the word free to motivate users to give it a test run.

2.) Square

I’m almost giddy with excitement when it comes to Square’s value proposition.

square value proposition example image

All the customer is being told when they land on the page is that this tool will let them accept any type of payment that your customers want to pay with.

Which is all done using just 8 words.


They use an explainer video to demonstrate their service. Which Unbounce found can help increase conversions by as much as 20%.

The use of the image is great too, showing the various options available for taking payment.

This shows that a picture really is worth a 1000 words.

All of these add up to a compelling promise of value that users will get. Retailers don’t have to worry about not being able to accept a particular type of payment, as Square accepts it all.

3.) Survey Monkey

Next up, we have Survey Monkey.

surveymonkey value proposition example image

A great qualitative research tool paired with an awesome value proposition.

The value proposition well written, using 4 words to sum up exactly what the product does and how it will benefit the buyer.

As well as this, the sub text which clearly describes how users will benefit from the product, with a dash of inspiration “Be the person with great ideas”.

The use of a smiling person is also well executed. Basecamp tested using an actual person on their landing page and saw a huge 102.5% increase in conversions compared to the original.

4.) Shopify

Value propositions don’t get much better this….

shopify value proposition example image

Remember what I mentioned about a value proposition should be based around certainty and simplicity? Well Shopify really take this home.

If I land on this page, there’s no doubt in my mind what this service does.

The value proposition doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. I know exactly what’s on offer.

The use of social proof is great too, with the use of “600,000 businesses worldwide”.

Using social proof works. lifted their conversion rate by 400% by displaying social proof on their website.

There’s plenty more insights like this in our guide titled What Is CRO .

How To Write A Value Proposition

Creating your value proposition should be a continuous process, experimenting and iterating through different versions to find your best performer.

Here’s a few tips to write yours :

  1. Talk to your existing customers and find out why they bought from you.
  2. What is the primary benefit that you are offering, sum it up in 1 sentence.
  3. A specific description of what you do and why it’s useful.
  4. Use visual elements to communicate your message faster than with words.
  5. List other key benefits or features.

A value proposition usually takes the form of :

  • Headline
  • Sub-headline or a few sentences
  • Bullet Points (less is more)
  • Related Imagery

Use Conversion Boosters For Your Value Proposition

If there’s something there are any added bonuses for buying from you, then use them! Offers like free delivery, discounts,  free returns, free trial, money back guarantees etc will all help boost your value proposition.

Don’t Confuse Users

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, don’t try to be too clever when writing your value proposition. Leave the catchy, thought provoking titles to Don Draper.

Be clear about what your product or service does and what you’re asking the user to do. If you can get those two things right, then you’ll be in great shape!

And we’re done.

I really hope that you’ve managed to take away some insights on writing a value proposition and the impact in can have on your landing pages.

What’s are some landing page value propositions that you love?

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