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Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate Guide

Our increase landing page conversion rate guide is for you if you’ve been trying to improve your results, without success. We’re going to cover several key tips that you can start applying to your landing pages today!

Let’s start optimising.

The primary goal of most landing pages is usually to encourage a user to take a desired action. These actions can range from purchasing a product, signing up to a newsletter or requesting a callback.

But because it’s so easy to create landing pages nowadays, some key aspects of landing page design can often get overlooked and cause not-so-great results.

The scenario is usually focusing on how the landing page looks rather than motivating the user to convert. Enter Conversion Rate Optimization.

Here’s our guide containing 7 tips you can apply to your landing pages TODAY to hopefully increase your landing page conversion rate.

1.) Include Reviews or Testimonials

Some users will feel more reassured online, when they are unsure of how to behave. If they know that other people have taken the next step and bought what is being sold – this will make them feel more confident in doing the same thing.

This is known as Social Proof.

Coined by Robert Cialdini in his book Influence, he explains “Especially when they are uncertain, people will look to the actions and behaviors of others to determine their own.”

By including reviews or testimonials from customers on a landing page, users are going to potentially have increased trust levels and are then more likely to convert.

2.) Talking About You Rather Than Them

People don’t care about you, they only care about themselves.

It may sound blunt but it’s true.

The copy on your landing page should engage the user by talking about how your product or service will benefit them, not its features.

Let me explain.

Compare two statements :

1.) “Our scientifically proven diet plan uses a simple ancient paleo technique which only uses ingredients which contain the vitamin blah blah blah”….


2.) “Summer’s coming and it’s time to get that slim beach body that you’ve always wanted. Use this simple plan to lose weight quickly, without worrying about being hungry.’

The first statement is full of features and doesn’t provide anything to relate to.

The second will clearly resonate with people that are a struggling with their weight and want to do something about it. Because the copy is connecting with them, it’s much more likely to motivate them to buy. 

3.) Inconsistent Message-Match

One of the main reasons that landing pages do not see positive results is due to an inconsistent message-match between the link or banner that the user clicked on to arrive on the landing page.

For instance, if a user searches for “emergency plumber in San Francisco” and clicks on the following advertisement :

example plumber ppc ad image

The ad is relevant to their search query and is answering their problem.

Then they land on this page :

example plumber ppc landing page image

The message-match between the advertisement and the landing page is inconsistent.

The user is on a “scent trail” to find what they’re looking for. If the scent doesn’t smell right, then they are probably going to leave and go somewhere else.

By showing a generic landing  page, you are essentially asking the customer to make an assumptions on what services or products you offer.

Most users don’t have the time or willpower to browse a website in the hope that they can find what they want.

Remember, your competitor is just a click away.

Build your page to be specific to what they are expecting :

good landing page wireframe image

This answers exactly what the user is looking for. What more could they want?

Want more information on this strategy? Take a look at our Mirror Technique.

We’re just getting going now, hopefully our increase landing page conversion rate guide is already providing some value!

4.) Too Many Form Fields

Web form optimisation is a great strategy to increase your landing page conversion rate and the amount of form fields play a big part.

The number of form fields is a huge factor when it comes to a user deciding whether they are going to complete it. 

A good way to think when creating a form is that the higher the number of form fields, the more motivated the user will need to be to complete it. 

Try to only include fields which are absolutely necessary.

An Eloqua Study found that The ideal number of fields is 7 or less :

As soon as the form fields get to 8, a drop off in conversions begins.

However, this does vary depending on your offering.

According to Eloqua, forms for webinars can see a drop-off at around 5 fields and forms offering something like a download can have as many as 11 fields before a drop-off happens.

So unless you’re giving the user something for free, keep it short.

5.) Your Call To Action Text

Ok so this one is really simple.

First of all, if you’re using “Submit” as the text on your buttons, you could be impacting your conversion rate. 

Submit doesn’t really tell the user what’s going on, or motivate them to convert.

Your call to action button should match what the user’s objective is. For instance “Call Me Now” and “Download My Free Ebook” , both tell the user what’s happening next when they submit the form.

clear call to action image

Image Source

6.) Call To Action Above The Fold

As soon as a user arrives on a landing page page, their attention should be drawn towards the action that you would like them to take.

call to action above the fold image

Image Source

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the form you are trying to get them to complete needs to be immediately visible, but make sure you have at least one call to action.

7.) Improve Your PPC Campaign Traffic

One sure fire way to improve your conversion rate is to drop low performing traffic from your pay per click campaigns.

This may sound pretty simple but as a Google Ads Agency, we see alot of accounts that are not monitored anywhere near enough. And there results struggle because of this.

By adding negative keywords and pausing underperforming keywords, you will start to see a lift in conversions. Take a look at our guide to PPC marketing mistakes to find more ways to improve your PPC campaigns

I really hope you have found this increase landing page conversion rate guide useful and can takeaway something to apply to your landing pages!

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