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How To Get Free Music To Use On Facebook & Instagram Videos

Facebook have just announced that they will be offering content creators free music and sound effects to use in their videos on Facebook and Instagram.

The library features around 1000+ tracks and 1500+ sound effects that can be downloaded and used immediately.

You can sort tracks by genre, mood, length and vocals. Which saves having to sift through each track individually.

After working our way through the collection, there’s some pretty good music that can be downloaded and used to bring your content to life. Don’t expect any top 10 hits though.

At present, if you uploaded any copyrighted music to their platform, Facebook will remove it. Identical to the process which YouTube use. Similarly, YouTube has also offered this service off royalty-free music and sound effects to its users since 2012.  

By providing this as a service, Facebook are helping its creators to create more professional and engaging content.

This announcement isn’t groundbreaking, but would follow the signs that Facebook is currently on a quest to onboard content creators to compete with YouTube.

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