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HGV Learning now pays 75% less per lead with campaigns optimised for sales and by tracking revenue data.

HGV Learning provides comprehensive training and education to individuals starting a career as an HGV driver. In addition, they administer theory and practical tests that ensure drivers are ready to enter this fast-paced industry and achieve success.

The HGV Learning team wanted to reach their target demographic and encourage sign-ups for their training packages and reconnect with lost leads. They also wanted a better way to track their ad spend and monitor their lead generation data.

HelloClicks was able to help them reach their goals – and more – by launching a series of paid search campaigns to increase their sales. Primarily targeting the UK, HelloClicks also launched a fully automated lead nurture campaign to re-engage leads that couldn’t previously be contacted.

HGV Learning then became fully integrated with Salesforce and HelloClicks’ sales and marketing platform. Now, they can easily track their progress and report on the revenue generated from HelloClicks’ marketing campaigns.

As a result, HelloClicks helped HGV Learning save 75% on each lead, and campaigns are optimised for sales rather than just leads, improving their bottom line.

“We have been able to grow extremely fast as we don’t need to stress over making sure the leads are working or running correctly and efficiently.

We have been able to grow our business significantly in the time frame we have been working with HelloClicks!


Jason Philips
Managing Director @ HGV Learning

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